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Ryan Gunn  on 3AW Melbourne

A Dream Ryan Gunn had was to one day run his own Radio station, as Jamie and Ryan talked about all the time watching Strange Satellite TV Stations on the satellite in the Shack

And we did it Ryan, The Shack is in honour of you and we will continue to share the passion of Music and Radio to the World. 

You showed us that you can do anything if you put your mind to it, and that's what we did. Your still with us everyday and we love you and always will remember you And also to Garry Gunn, you are the best person we have met, such a funny sense of humour, Miss our funny phone calls and chats. Such a kind hearted man.


May you guys Rest in Peace.

A lot of you may not know who Ryan was, but the people who knew this young man were grateful to have such a loyal amazing and true wonderful friend. Ryan was born on the 27th of June 1993. 

Started co-hosting with his father who was the Country DJ King of Community Radio, Garry hosted a programme called ''Good Old Country Music" well known in the Latrobe Valley on local radio here in Morwell. Garry brought Ryan into community Radio at a young age, and that's when a star was born. 




Laura 'Loz' Mason

Laura joined Shack Radio late 2019 and started out doing Station Voice - overs and co-hosting radio shows with Jamie. Laura has started her new show which airs every Thursday from 7:30pm which she plays and shares her favourite Music from the 90s and 2000s plus some good 'oldies' from the past. Laura resides in Drouin with her partner John, works full time in Melbourne. In her spare time she loves to game online and loves going on Outdoor Adventures. 

Jason Loughrey

Jason is a life member of Shack Radio, being part of the station launch back in 2011. Jason works full time as a mechanic in Morwell. He has a passion for cars and working of cars, also loves going camping most weekends he has the chance. Jason hosted Saturday Night Live every Saturday at 6pm. Jason lives in Morwell and is known in Gippsland, he is also hoping to get back on air in the near future.

Jamie is a life member of Shack Radio, launching it alongside Jason (above) together. Jamie works in Morwell, also works on Computers and Servers replacing Screens rebuilding systems. Jamie loves watching the football, loves a cold beer, Jamie has a passion for Music and Sound Engineering, Jamie is responsible for most station Idents and is the male voice over artist on the station. Jamie also hosts breakfast programming on the station, Jamie currently lives in Morwell.

Jamie Pallot

Shania Louise 

Shania is currently our female voice over talent at Shack working with Laura, Shania joined Shack Radio early 2020, Shania lives in Albury but is originally from Gippsland, she has a passion for Music loves to sing and take care of her 3 kids, Ava, Leo & Hayson. She currently resides in Albury. Shania loves gardening, outdoor adventures and music.

Corey 'Night Ryder' Gardiner

Corey is station Programming Manager and Director. Hosting a range of Shows on Shack Radio from Rock at Nights (Mon - Wed 730pm and also host of Awesome 80's on Sunday. Corey is a father of 1 and resides in Melbourne, has a passion for podcasting, Loves Racing, Music and Jokes

Patrick has a passion for Music. He currently lives in Drouin in Gippsland Victoria. Patrick is well known in the community and has also had radio experience on Community Radio at both Gippsland FM Morwell and 3BBR Fm in Drouin. Patrick is station Manager alongside Jamie and hosts Afternoons from 2pm Monday and Tuesday. Patrick is a huge footy fan and Collingwood Supporter who has all his teeth, Pat loves to travel, and loves his 80's and 90s Music and also a bit of Country.

Patrick O'Doherty

Brian 'Big Man' Farrugia

Reggie Sporle 

Reggie has a passion for Music and a passion for the Beatles. Reggie lives in Newborough and presents the Music of the Decades programme for the station, Reggie is working on a new show which will air on the station soon. Reggie worked for many years at Gippsland FM as a Youth-Coordinator training up some new blood at the station. Reggie joined Shack Radio in late 2018.

Brian has a passion for radio. He loves his 50s and 60s rock and roll music. Every year Brian has always been a part of the Gippsland Santa Run, loves Christmas, always puts on a huge Christmas display at his house every year in Newborough.  In his spare time he is usually helping his dad, taking his dog Tilly for a walk or a drive. Brian hosts the 50s and 60s on Sundays from 6am till 12pm every Sunday.

Diggy Kat

Diggy Kat has been at Shack Radio for quite some time now since 2013  he is one of our almost lifelong members. Diggy has a keen eye on Music has a passion for not only music but is in a band. Diggy also manages Lucky Star Radio in the USA, Diggy also opened the door for Shack Radio to help other musicians world wide get their music content out there. Diggy also hosts Random Alley every Sunday at 2pm. Diggy currently lives in sunny Santa Clarita in California. 

Aaron Dunnett

Aaron resides in Auckland NZ. Jamie and Aaron became friends via social media because of their love of TV, Radio, Satllite communications about 8 years ago and have always stayed in contaxct with Shack Crew. He also has been on the airwaves talking about politics, News events happening in NZ after all they are our neighbours. Aaron also posts stuff on Social Media (Facebook). Aaron loves to travel, Skydive, Enjoys cooking and a cold beer! 

APRA AMCOS is a music rights organisation representing over 103,000 members who are songwriters, composers and music publishers.  We license organisations to play, perform, copy, record or make available our members’ music, and we distribute the royalties to our members.

We are affiliated with similar collecting societies around the world. So when Australian and New Zealand songs and compositions are performed overseas, Australian and New Zealand writers get paid. We also help music customers in Australia and New Zealand access music from the rest of the world.

We also advocate on behalf of music creators' rights and the Australasian music industry locally, nationally and internationally. Our Ambassador Program includes over 100 influential music creators from all genres and industry stakeholders such as music managers. They partner with us to promote the importance of music creators’ rights and our role in administering those rights to all levels of government, the media and the wider community. We also consult frequently with our Ambassadors to seek their input on issues affecting our members


In Loving Memory of Ryan Gunn, Garry Gunn & Frederik Plets

Ryan Gunn

Garry Gunn

Frederik Plets


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